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Ricardo Ortiz Pardo

Hola a todos!

Soy Ricardo Ortiz - Instructor certificado de Método Yuen, y esta es mi página oficial de asociado de Yuen Method.

Soy de Santiago de Chile. Practico el MY desde el año 2016 y desde el año 2020, soy Instructor de la técnica.

Si deseas una sesión personalizada o aprender el Método Yuen estás en el lugar correcto.

¡Estaré encantado contactar contigo!.



The Yuen MethodTM

The Yuen Method™ (YM) and the Yuen Method Certified Consultant (YMCC) provide quick and complete problem-solving consulting in a group setting through ZOOM. The problems can include and are not limited to personal, family, neighborhoods, community, province/state, country, and global. It also includes companies, employment, education, and career.

YM demonstrates that within minutes it can solve all and any global problems that any organizations and agencies have not yet resolved.
YM purposely does not limit itself to any niche market.
YM purposely does not limit itself to any niche market for marketing purposes.

Dr. Yuen, the Yuen Method™, and now the YMCC Members want to assist you to be independent
in answering your own questions and essentially resolving all problems.


Enrolling as a YMCC Associated Member

You can now or eventually soon solve your own, your family, friends, coworkers, classmates, and even your enemies' problems with the greatest of ease.

That has never happened before. No program can do this for you except the YMCC program.

Solve your enemies' problems with you, and you with them. Having no enemies in the world in your past or future will generate unimagined wealth and fortune for you in your career and business.

The YMCC programs also include your pets like dogs, cats, horses, etc. It includes insects and plants, as crazy as this may sound.

Of course, you will not verbally communicate. But telepathically, or like computer to computer, your Physical Intelligence to other beings' Physical-biological Intelligence from the experiences you gain directly from Dr. Yuen, YMCC Associates, and the YMCC programs.

You can only receive a YMCC personal website when actively engaged with the ongoing YMCC Program.

If you do not have this website, you are no longer a YMCC Associate member.

If people claim they can do what the Yuen Method™ can and are not on the YM list, it means they have illegally and amorally infringed on Dr. Yuen, and The Yuen Method™ copyright protocols.

Collection lawyers will eventually prosecute and collect from them.

What is the Yuen Method™?

Take Charge of Your Life,
Gain Expertise and
Achieve Mastery

The Yuen Method™ is a non-touch, immediate results energetic technique that has taken 5,000 years of ancient Chinese Shaolin Temple healing and combined it with the western knowledge of anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, structural analysis, quantum physics, Qi (pronounced chee) and Shen Gong training. The premise is that your body functions like the binary system in your computer (1 and 0), you are either on or off, strong or weak to any given issue. Pain is a sign that something is wrong with the flow of energy in the body.

Chinese Medicine has long recognized that the body has an energy circulatory system in addition to the lymphatic and circulatory system recognized by western medicine. When the energy circulatory system of the body becomes blocked, the energy is not there to support the physical, and the physical breaks down. The Yuen Method™ identifies the specific causes of energetic weaknesses blocking the body's energy flow and strengthens those weaknesses thereby restoring the energy necessary to support the physical body. Once the energy is there to support the body, things will change.


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